Every Broadway location and/or service is not affiliated with each other. The service technicians are independent and make their own schedule. We are a marketing firm that provides a referral system to these talented people. If your service technician does not show up and/or provide great quality, please let us know, however we do not control them nor are we responsible for their work. Our Broadway name does hold a higher standard. Our admin team is happy to help guide you in the right direction, or you can contact the technician directly. (949) 229-2797

-You will receive the free lash set with an advanced purchase of $159 for classic or $199 for volume, wait what I thought it was for free? YES, the set is for free, and the purchase cost goes towards 5 lash fills (approximately 45 minutes). That's less than $45 p/fill, plus the set. KILLER DEAL! No credit cards are allowed. 

-What lash set do you get? You get to choose between a classic full set OR a volume partial set (both approximately 75 minutes). Good news, you can schedule your fill as soon as you want so you will be fuller if you're worried.

-What locations are available? Aliso Viejo, Whittier, Rancho Cucamonga, Orange & Temecula (we can't guarantee availability, so please book in advance)

-How long can you take to use the fills? You have to use them within 3 months of the original purchase dates. IF you don't use them, no you are not able to get a refund, however in good faith we will credit them towards a set at any time (full priced set, you cannot combine promotions).

-Is gratuity included? Silly, of course not. All of our artists are independent, so they are very appreciative of any gratuity.

-How can you pay? We accept Venmo or cash, no credit cards are accepted for this promotion. Advanced purchase is required as well. 

-How long will this offer be available? Most likely not long :)

-How can I book? Please give us a call at 949-229-2797

Management reserves the right to change, cancel, and/or alter this promotion if needed. There are no refunds allowed. If you do not give a 24-hour notice to cancel your appointment or if you no show, you will forfeit one visit. We cannot guarantee availability. Advance purchase is required. Launch date of promotion is May 23, 2019.